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Shenzhen Tuko Technology Co., Ltd.
Fabricante personalizado
Principais produtos:Antena de TV; Cabo de Antena Wifi; Antena GSM/4G/5G Ant
Número da classificação 5 tempo de resposta rápido em WebcamTotal trading staff (7)Socially responsiblePatents awarded (48)Total floorspace (3,600㎡)
Why Choose US
TV Antenna 12 Years Verified Supplier
1、SGS Verified Gold Plus Supplier
2、High Quality 100% Inspection Before Delivery, With CE,BSCI,FCC
3、More Than 100 Type Models Can Be Choose;
4、Procurement Delivery Rate Is Above 99%
5、The Acceptance Rate Of Incoming Inspection Is More Than 99%
6、Process Defect Rate Is Less Than 2%
7、The Qualified Rate Of Products Is More Than 99%
8、Monthly Complaint Rate Of Customers Is Less Than 1%
9、The Customer Satisfaction Rate Is More Than 98%
This supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,

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